Kangana defends the Pegasus Spying saying that ‘kings’ have right to know about ‘antisocial elements’!

Pegasus, the hacking software of the Israeli surveillance company NSO Group, has created panic around the world. This spying software can also reach into the phone from a normal WhatsApp call. Whether you answer or not, it will reach your phone. It deletes various log entries in the phone so that its presence is not detected. At the same time, Kangana Ranaut has shared a story in which she has written many things.

Kangana has shared a story from her Instagram account and told that kings have many privileges to keep an eye on people. Many journalists, politicians and others were targeted with Pegasus spyware and this is the remark by Kangana. Although Kangana has written in the end that she is not talking about Pegasus but it is being speculated that she has spoken about Pegasus spyware.

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Sharing the Instagram story, Kangana wrote, “Even in ancient times greatest kings used to disguise and secretly visit the remotest parts of their country, people and their homes to know to hear what their subjects talking or discussing, this exercise is a part of administration, biggest example is in Ramayana, during one such visit lord Rama got to know about Maa Sita’s perception among general people when he heard them secretly”.

Kangana further writes, “No big deal if the king wants to know about antisocial element’s whereabouts or general issues of people and their mindset ….it is his right, prerogative and business to keep his eyes and ears open…. So hyenas stop crying foul and No I am not talking about #pegasus Ha ha ha”.


Significantly, after writing all these things, Kangana finally wrote that she is not talking about Pegasus at all. Kangana pokes her nose on almost every issue, so it is being speculated that she has given her opinion only on the matter related to Pegasus Snooping.

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