Kangana Calls Cricketers ‘Dhobi Ka Kutta’ After Rohit Sharma Tweets On Farmers’ Protest Matter

Kangana Ranaut is continuously taking the lead on social media on the farmers movement. The Bollywood celebs have been her target for a long time. Kangana has now also targeting the cricketers. She has given a reaction to Rohit Sharma’s tweet and wrote that why are these cricketers talking like ‘Dhobi ke kutta na Ghar ka na ghat ka’.

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut, who is known for her controversial tweets, took to Twitter to post a derogatory tweet where she referred to several Indian cricketers as “Dhobi ka Kutta.”

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Kangana’s target on cricketers after actors
After the tweet by international pop singer Rihanna, the farmers movement is being discussed all over the world. Celebs of India have also put their views on this issue on social media. Many actors including Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgan have appealed to the people of India to remain united.

Cricketers have also come up with such tweets. Now Kangana has targeted on a tweet by Rohit Sharma. Kangana has tweeted, “Why are all cricketers sound like Dhobi kutta na ghar ka na ghat ka? Why would farmers be against such laws which are for their good. These are the terrorists who are creating a ruckus, Say that na…itna daarr lagta hai?” Twitter has deleted Kangana’s tweet.

Tweet deleted
Rohit Sharma’s tweet on farmer movement

Rohit Sharma had tweeted, India has always been strong when we are all united and the solution is the need of the hour. Our farmers play a very important role in the well being of our nation and I am sure that everyone will play their role in finding a solution.

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