Journalist Shyam Meera Singh’s befitting reply to pliable journalist Rubika Liyaquat

Rubika Liyaquat is often seen on TV defending the Modi government through her programs and questioning the opposition parties. Rubika Liyaquat is a pro-Modi journalist, this thing is not hidden from anyone. She is also often called as Godi journalist by social media users.

Rubika Liyaquat has never been seen in TV programs questioning Prime Minister Modi or any big BJP leader by putting the Modi government in the dock. She is never seen questioning the accountability of the Modi government for the country’s declining economy.

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Rubika Liaquat does not do any program regarding rising unemployment and rising prices of petrol and diesel. Rubika Liyaquat is also seen defending the Modi government through social media. Rubika Liyaquat is also seen taking a dig at the opposition parties through social media.

This time too Rubika Liyaquat was seen supporting Prime Minister Narendra Modi and taking a jibe at the opposition parties. She has made a tweet in which she has written, “Today many dignitaries were listening to the PM’s speech from Aligarh… were hoping that even today something like the Abbajan type hashtag would get…but what is this…Modi ji told the story of brotherhood and trust.”

Responding to Rubika Liyaquat’s tweet, journalist Shyam Meera Singh who was terminated from Aaj Tak for criticizing PM Modi wrote, “I used to feel sad, sympathetic many times after the digital strike on Rubika, but I am laughing after reading this tweet. This woman is an equal partner in a government of communal violence and hatred. This sycophancy is not her financial compulsion but her economic business.

Let us tell you that Shyam Meera Singh often raises the issues of the public through social media, keeps questioning the Modi government. Shyam Meera Singh definitely gives his opinion on whatever issue is related to the public. Whether it is the issue of farmers, whether it is the issue of rising unemployment and rising inflation, Shyam Singh Meera is always seen standing with the people on the issues of the people.

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