Johnny Depp presented fake pictures of injury during fight with ex-wife Amber Heard?

During the trial of the defamation case of Hollywood actors Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, both made serious allegations against each other and presented many evidences. This trial, which lasted for weeks, ended months ago, but the information related to it is still coming out. Shocking news has come out about Johnny Depp. It is being told that the actor presented fake injury pictures in the court during the trial.

Before the trial of the case, Amber Heard had shared pictures of her injury, which were said to be fake. Court allowed Depp to access Heard’s phone so that he could prove that Heard faked her injury. During the trial, the issue was raised that Amber had used make-up to highlight and show the marks of injury.

Did Johnny Depp present fake injury pictures?

According to a report now coming out, not only Amber but Johnny Depp also showed fake marks of injury. According to Geo TV, the details of the allegation are given in court documents submitted by Depp’s fans. No creation date has been given in this document, due to which there is a possibility of manipulation during the trial.

Let us tell you that Johnny Depp and Amber Heard met each other in the year 2009 during the film ‘The Rum Diary’. Where the two fell in love and after dating each other for many years, they got married in the year 2015. However, their relationship turned sour within a few months and they parted ways in the year 2016. Amber accuses Johnny of domestic violence and sexual abuse, in return Johnny sues her for defamation. The trial lasted for several weeks in the year 2022 and this case remained in the headlines.

Significantly, a documentary has also been made of this trial, which can be seen on the OTT platform Discovery Plus. It was released on OTT on 20 September 2022. This documentary of both of them is shown in detail in this documentary.

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