Joe Biden mocks Indian media with his ‘much better behaved’ jibe

US President Joe Biden on Friday met Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his first personal bilateral meeting at the White House. During this, both shared light moments. Biden taking a dig at Indian media said that the Indian press is ‘ much better behaved’ than the American press. Let us tell you that Prime Minister Modi, who visited US for the seventh time after becoming Prime Minister in 2014, was welcomed by President Joe Biden at the White House.

US President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Modi greeted each other. Soon after, the US President took Prime Minister Modi to the Oval Office, where he was scheduled to interact with the media. As the two leaders sat down in their seats, Biden tauntingly said, “I think what they’re going to do is bring in the press. The Indian press is much better behaved than the American press…And I think, with your permission, we should not answer questions because they won’t ask any questions on point.”

Responding to this, Prime Minister Modi said that he completely agrees with him. After that they started their conversation.

With his sarcastic remarks praising the Indian media, Biden joins the illustrious company of former US president Donald Trump. In 2019, when Modi and Trump held a joint interaction, India Today‘s Gaurav Sawant had asked Trump if there was a roadmap to deal with “Pakistan state sponsored terror”.

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Trump turned to Modi and said, “You have great reporters. I wish I had reporters like this.” Turning back to the media, Trump then said, “You’re doing better than anybody I’ve ever heard. Where do you find these reporters? This is a great thing.”

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