Jay Shah faces BRUTAL trolling for insulting national flag ‘Tiranga’ during Ind vs Pak match in Asia Cup 2022

India defeated arch-rivals Pakistan by 5 wickets in the Asia Cup 2022 on Sunday in a nail-biter contest. Since that moment of victory, there is an atmosphere of celebration everywhere. But in the meantime, a video is also going viral about which Indian fans are not only angry but they are also expressing their anger on social media. This video is related to BCCI Chief Secretary Jay Shah.

BCCI Chief Secretary Jay Shah was present there to encourage the Indian team during this match. After the victory of the team India, he was as happy as every Indian fan and was also applauding. Meanwhile, a person standing near him raised the tricolor towards him, but Jay Shah immediately refused to take the tricolor in his hand.

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After this, as soon as this video went viral on social media, the fans got furious. Shah soon began to receive trolling on social media as a result of this. A user asked Jai Shah a question on social media that why did he insult the tricolor like this? Someone even wrote that Jay Shah should explain to his father that to be a true Indian there is no need to hold the tricolor in hand or sing the national anthem in the theatre. Now know what is the real reason behind this.

There was only happiness and celebration in the heart of every Indian fan on India’s victory. In such a situation, why did Jay Shah, who himself was drenched in the joy of this victory, refused to take the tricolor in his hand?

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