Jaiveer Shergill resigns as national spokesperson of Congress party

Congress leader Jaiveer Shergill has resigned as the national spokesperson of the Congress party. However, some reports are claiming that he has resigned from all posts in the Congress party. Shergill in his resignation letter to Sonia Gandhi said that “I am sorry to say that decision making is no longer for the interest of the public and the country, but it is influenced by the selfish interests of those who indulge in sycophancy. And constantly ignoring the ground reality.”

He also said that private interests are getting priority in the party, while public and national interests are being ignored. Shergill in his letter said that the primary reason is that the ideology and vision of the current decision makers of the Indian National Congress are no longer in line with the aspirations of the youth and modern India.

Jaiveer Shergill resigns as national spokesperson

Jaiveer Shergill is a lawyer by profession and was one of the prominent figures among the youth leaders of the Congress. He hails from Punjab. Shergill’s resignation comes at a time when several Youth Congress leaders have bid goodbye to the party one after the other. Prominent Congress leaders who quit the party include Jyotiraditya Scindia and Jitin Prasada, who now hold key positions in the BJP government.

“Today I have resigned due to two reasons. Today the decisions of the Congress party are being taken not in the public interest but in the interest of some people. Reality is being turned away, public issues are being turned away.”
“In the decisions taken by the Congress, ignoring your ability, the voice of the people, the expectations of the youth, only a few people who have lost the elections are only being crowned.”

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