Jacqueline Fernandez was aware of Sukesh’s crimes, conman bought luxurious house for actress in Sri Lanka: ED claims

Enforcement Directorate (ED) has made a big claim against Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez in the money laundering case. The ED has said in its chargesheet that Jacqueline Fernandez knew everything about the criminal history of swindler Sukesh Chandrasekhar, but fabricated a false narrative to evade investigation in the multi-crore money laundering case. Jacqueline had claimed before the ED that she did not know Sukesh Chandrashekhar.

In the chargesheet, the ED claimed, “Jacqueline Fernandez was well-versed about the criminal history of thug Sukesh Chandrasekhar and Leena Maria Paul being Sukesh’s wife in February 2021. Jacqueline deliberately chose to ignore Sukesh’s criminal past and continued to do financial transactions with him.”

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The ED said in its chargesheet, “When Jacqueline was searching Sukesh on Google, it is astonishing that she never bothered to find out whether Sukesh owned Kalyan Jewellers, had coal mines or hotels. Whether Leela Chennai was 50 percent owned or not.”

Jacqueline Fernandez was aware of Sukesh’s crimes, conman bought luxurious house for actress in Sri Lanka: ED claims

The ED said this cannot be accepted as Jacqueline Fernandez is an educated, public figure who has valuable gifts for herself and her family members and to check the facts before receiving proceeds of crime in the form of hefty sums. There are enough tools. The ED alleged that in the months of March, May and June 2021, US$ 172,913 and Australian dollars 26,740 were transferred to the bank accounts of Jacqueline’s sister and brother, which were nothing but proceeds of crime.

The ED alleged that the investigation conducted so far has revealed that Jacqueline Fernandez had received a gift of Rs 5.71 crore through Sukesh’s aide. The chargesheet also alleges that Fernandez deliberately deleted all data from her mobile phone in connection with the conversations she had with accused Sukesh. This was done to protect herself and her family members from the clutches of the law and to obstruct the investigation.

On the other hand, Jacqueline Fernandez’s lawyer Prashant Patil denied the allegations in the chargesheet and said that she is the victim and not the accused. Speaking to media, he said, “There is no evidence against her, both oral or documentary. The allegations made by the investigating agency are false. Sukesh has done the same to all other victims. Jacqueline is a victim and not an accused in this case.”

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