Ivanka Trump Calls Rioters “American Patriots”, deletes tweet after backlash

When Trump supporters were committing violence in the Capitol Building, a symbol of American democracy, President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump was calling them a patriot. Ivanka Trump in the tweet called the rioters American patriots and told them not to commit violence. Later, seeing the pressure rising, Ivanka deleted the tweet.

Criticized Ivanka Trump’s tweet

Ivanka wrote a retweet to a tweet by Father Donald Trump, writing “American patriots- breaking security in any way or insulting our police forces would not be acceptable at all.” She further wrote that “the violence should end immediately. Please remain calm.”

Source – Twitter

But later when she was criticized for calling the rioters in the Capital Building as patriots, she deleted the tweet within minutes.

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What did Trump tweet?
In Trump’s tweet that Ivanka retweeted, Trump wrote to supporters urging them to stop the violence, “Please cooperate with our Capitol Police and law enforcement agencies. They are really on our country. Stay calm.”

Violence erupted in the Capitol Hill building during the congressional proceedings that began on Wednesday. Arms closed Trump supporters entered the Capitol building after which the building had to be locked down. All the MPs were evacuated and taken to their chamber safely. Not only this, the National Security Guard had to be called to handle the situation. Four people have died in the violence. One woman died due to police firing.

Preparing to remove the trump
An emergency has been imposed in the capital Washington DC following violence in the Capitol Building. Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bauzer has said that she has issued an order declaring a state of emergency in the capital from today. This emergency has been imposed for the next 15 days.

Trump’s allies have also turned against him after the violence at the Capitol Building. News is coming that Donald Trump’s cabinet colleagues are now preparing to remove him from the presidency. There has been a discussion among cabinet members about this.

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