“It’s time to talk about violent Hindu extremism”: Meena Harris, US Vice President Kamala Harris niece

Meena Harris, the niece of US Vice President Kamala Harris, has strongly condemned the hate campaigns by Hindutva groups against farmers’ protests and supporters. Meena Harris tweeted that it’s time to talk about violent Hindu extremism.

Meena tweeted against the Hindu extremism with a screenshot of the article about the growing extremist Christian groups in the United States and the dangers they pose. The article is titled ‘It is time to talk about violent Christian extremism’.

Meena Harris on Hindu extremism

The headline may have been changed to ‘It is time to talk about violent Hindu extremism’, even if we take only what happened last week. It’s all interconnected, ” Meena Harris tweeted.

The niece of US Vice President also announced her support for the farmers’ strike after pop singer Rihanna and environmental activist Greta Thunberg came forward to support it. They also criticized the central government’s actions, including the cancellation of the Internet.

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She tweeted on the subject, sharing a picture of ‘Stop Killing Farmers’. “The world’s oldest democracy was attacked a month ago. Now the world’s largest democracy is under attack.

This is not a coincidence, it is related to the two. We must condemn the government’s crackdown on Indian farmers and the ban on the Internet,” said Meena Harris.

Hindutva groups then launched hate campaigns against Meena Harris in a similar manner to the one against Rihanna and Greta. The response of these groups was that they should not interfere in the internal affairs of India.
Meena responded that she could not be threatened or silenced.

Meena Harris also came forward with criticism, sharing a picture of Hindutva activists protesting by holding up her photo. She spoke to human rights activists about the plight of farmers in India. Meena responded by sharing a picture of the protests against her.

Many people, including journalist Rana Ayub, have come forward in support of Meena Harris to stand with the farmers. Rana Ayub tweeted that we like you very much. Meena has given a lot of love in return for this.

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