‘It’ll get worse’: Actress Richa Chadha expresses concern about the rupee hitting record new low of Rs 79.90 against dollar

Richa Chadha on falling rupee: The Indian rupee has been continuously falling against the US dollar. On July 14, the Indian rupee falls to the lowest ever of 79.90 against the dollar. It is feared that this figure may even reach beyond Rs 80. The opposition parties are attacking the Modi government on this issue. There has also been a debate on social media.

Bollywood actress Richa Chadha expressed concern about the Indian currency hitting the lowest level. Taking a jibe at current situation of rupee, the actress tweeted, “Let’s remember that this ₹80 is against the currently very weak USD. And it’ll get worse.”

Richa Chadha on falling rupee

On the other hand, former IAS Surya Pratap Singh jokingly wrote, “When will the lion printed on the Indian rupee show its teeth to the dollar?”

The Twitter handle of the Indian Youth Congress has also tweeted about the falling Indian Rupee. “Today a new record in Vishwaguru India, Indian currency reached the lowest level with 80 rupees per dollar,” the tweet said.

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Let us tell you that the reason for the falling value of the Indian rupee is the strengthening of the US dollar in the international market. Due to which the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is unable to do anything about the falling currency. This will have a direct impact on the import business. Those who order goods from abroad, now will have to pay much more. Along with this, it will also have a bad effect on the pockets of the general public.

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