Italy’s PM Mario Draghi resigns after allies boycotted confidence vote

The coalition government led by Prime Minister Mario Draghi collapsed in Italy today. Voting on the trust vote was boycotted by key allies of his own coalition.

Reduced to a minority, PM Draghi was forced to resign. This is the third government to fall in Italy in the last three years. Draghi is the former head of the European Central Bank. He formed the unity government in February last year with the support of the main political parties. Recently, he had pleaded with his allies for a new agreement to save the government.

His resignation has raised the prospect of an early election in the country and a new period of uncertainty for Italy and Europe at a crucial time.

Mario Draghi submitted his resignation to President Sergio Mattarella during a morning meeting at the Quirinale Palace. Maittrella’s office said the president had taken cognizance of the resignation and asked the Draghi government to act as a caretaker government.

The draconian government was torn apart when his coalition partners from right-wing, left-wing and populist parties turned down the prime minister’s appeal to let the legislature complete its term and come together for an EU-funded program to combat the pandemic.

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