It was painkiller, not alcohol: Deepak Chaurasia clarifies over drunk allegations in the viral video

After the death of CDS Bipin Rawat, News Nation’s anchor Deepak Chaurasia’s tongue was seen faltering during the anchoring of a show. He had also misspelled the name of the martyr CDS in the helicopter crash. This video went viral and Deepak Chaurasia was facing all kinds of allegations and he was being trolled badly. Now he has broken his silence on the whole matter. Chaurasia took to Twitter to say that he thanks who had been inquiring about him past three days but it is now time to clear air.

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He wrote, “I am grateful to all of you for your concern for me for the last three days. But now I feel that I should clear a few things. 1. What you all are feeling after watching the video is not the whole truth. The truth is that there was a wedding in my house and due to more dancing in the procession, my old knee injury started giving pain. I didn’t want to leave the issue the show was on and so I ate pain killers so that the show would be completely fine. Let me tell you I have a hairline fracture in my knee.”

Deepak Chaurasia

Deepak Chaurasia further writes, “2. My mistake was that I went on air while having had painkiller in large quantity which had such side effect. I was not aware of it. Therefore, instead of reducing my pain after taking painkillers, it increased my pain.”

“After watching the video, various allegations were made, which is not true. I have been in journalism for over 25 years. That’s why I don’t need to learn the ethics of journalism from anyone. I sincerely apologize to my fans. Also, I am grateful to the well-wishers from all corners of the country who have expressed my concern for the last three days. Your love and support will continue to be received in this way as well. With that hope,” he added.

A video of a show being hosted by Chaurasia had gone viral where he was fumbling live on air. Chaurasia could be heard slurring and mixing up names and events and even repeating himself over and over while speaking about the chopper crash tragedy.

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