“It takes more effort to make punctures than to lick the feet of power”: Swara Bhasker gives head shot to Sushant Sinha

Swara Bhasker-Sushant Sinha: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday decided to withdraw the controversial three agriculture laws and promised repeal them in the upcoming parliamentary session, which people, including opposition parties, called it a big victory for farmers. At the same time, the United Kisan Morcha welcomed the decision of the Modi government to withdraw all the three farm laws.

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People on social media are reacting differently on the withdrawal of the controversial three agriculture laws. After the announcement of withdrawing all three agricultural laws, some social media users are calling it a big victory for the farmers, while some are tweeting in support of the government. Even ‘Godi’ journalists and Bollywood actors have been seen taunting each other over old tweets.

On one such old tweet related to farmers, Sushant Sinha, anchor of Times Now Group’s new Hindi news channel ‘Times Now Navbharat’, has come under the target of social media users, people are trolling him fiercely. To this, he reacted to his old tweet, on which actress Swara Bhasker took a jibe.

Actually, Sushant Sinha, while responding to the reaction on one of his old tweets, wrote, “When a person leaves the ancestral work of making ‘Punctures’ and does something else, he commits such mistakes. By putting hard work in digging my old tweets/videos criticizing the government and asking questions, people are destroying their own agenda that questions are never asked to the Modi government. Thank you. Stay on.”

This reaction of Sushant Sinha left actress Swara Bhasker fuming. Swara replied to Sushant Sinha saying, “The sycophant of Godi media is making fun of the toiling working class of this country! Yes sir, it takes more effort to make ‘Punctures’ than to lick the soles of power.”

Swara Bhasker tweet

Let us tell you that Prime Minister Narendra Modi surprised everyone by announcing the withdrawal of all three agricultural laws in his address to the nation on the occasion of ‘Prakash Parv’ on Friday. In his address, he has appealed to the farmers to end the protests and return home. He said that farmers should return to their fields, return to their families.

Addressing the country, the Prime Minister said, “Today I have come to tell you, the whole country, that we have decided to withdraw all three agricultural laws. In the Parliament session that begins later this month, we will complete the constitutional process to repeal these three agricultural laws.”

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