Israel airstrikes on Gaza Strip, two top Islamic Jihad commanders killed

Israel airstrikes on Gaza Strip: The second top commander of the militant Islamic Jihad, Khalid Mansour, was killed in an Israeli airstrike on the Gaza Strip. So far two commanders of Islamic Jihad have been killed in this airstrike. The Palestinian Health Ministry said on Sunday that the death toll from the violence in Gaza had risen to 32, including six children.

More than 250 people were also injured in the latest attacks, the ministry said. At the same time, according to the Israeli Defense Force (IDF), 15 Hamas terrorists have been killed in the airstrike. The Al Qaeda Brigades of Islamic Jihad confirmed on Sunday that Commander Khalid Mansour and two of his accomplices were killed in an airstrike in the southern Gaza city of Rafa. After the attack on the Gaza Strip, the Palestinian organization Hamas also fired 100 rockets on the Gaza Strip towards Israel in 2 hours.

A day earlier, Israel killed a commander in the northern Gaza region of an Iran-backed group in an airstrike. The airstrikes have re-started cross-border conflict between Israel and Palestinian militants after an 11-day war in 2021.

The statement from the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said that in recent days Mansour had worked to carry out an anti-tank missile and rocket attack on Israel. He was involved in planning a terrorist attack in Israel on the border with Gaza. It was thwarted by IDF. He has already plotted many terrorist attacks.

Israeli jets hit rebel positions in Gaza early Saturday after rockets were fired at southern Israel. Fighting that began on Friday continued through the night after the targeted killing of a top Palestinian Islamic Jihad commander. At least 10 people were killed, including a five-year-old girl and a rebel.

The fighting began after Israel’s senior commander of Islamic Jihad was killed. Islamic Jihad militants are constantly firing rockets and the Israeli army is carrying out airstrikes on Gaza. The firing, however, subsided slightly on Sunday morning.

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