‘Iski aukaat dekho’: Rattled over Taapsee’s comment, Kangana calls her ‘B grade’ actor

The fight between Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut and Taapsee Pannu has been going on for a long time. Kangana Ranaut and her sister Taapsee keep commenting on Pannu, to which Taapsee also responds fiercely. Now Kangana has replied to Taapsee Pannu‘s comment in which she said that Kangana being not on Twitter doesn’t matter to her. In response, Kangana has once again called Taapsee a ‘B grade’ actor.

Replying to Taapsee’s comment, Kangana wrote in her Instagram story, ‘She (Taapsee) calls the producers and says that if Kangana ji has left something, please give it to me, look at its status today. The one who once took pride in being called Kangana of a poor producer… today is calling me irrelevant. Hahaha man and his nature is strange. Well, all the best for your film and try to promote it without mentioning my name.’

Taapsee again called ‘B grade’ actor
Kangana further wrote in her story that she takes inspiration from people in the industry like Waheeda Rehman, Vaijantimala and Sridevi. She wrote, ‘I don’t mind when B grade actors use my name or style or interview or general career strategy to promote themselves. Of course, they use my name to grow in the industry. I was also inspired by those who succeeded before me but I never insulted them but showed respect for them. I got inspiration from Vaijantimala Ji, Waheeda Ji and Sridevi Ji. But it is necessary to show their position to the one who tries to climb up by putting her foot on the other’s head. Good morning to all.’

Kangana’s screenshot

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Earlier Taapsee had said in her interview that she does not want to see Kangana Ranaut around her and this was before Kangana was banned on Twitter. Taapsee said that Kangana Ranaut has no importance in her life. On Kangana being banned on Twitter, Taapsee said, ‘No, I don’t miss her and didn’t want to see her there before. She is of no importance to me in my personal life. She is an actor and a respected companion but she is not more important in my life than that. I don’t have any good or bad feelings for her. And I think both love and hate come from the heart.

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