Is he above 45 years?’: Devendra Fadnavis faces flak after nephew’s photo getting COVID vaccine goes viral

Former Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis is once again in controversy. In fact, an alleged post by former Chief Minister’s nephew Tanmay Fadnavis is going viral on social media, in which he is allegedly talking about taking another dose of Covid-19 vaccine. The Maharashtra unit of Congress has also claimed through that tweet that the younger nephew of the former CM got vaccinated. The Congress has alleged that when the people above the age of 45 were to be vaccinated, how did the nephew of the BJP leader get the vaccine? The Congress has demanded that the Uddhav government should arrest the nephew of the former CM.

The Maharashtra unit of the Congress tweeted that, ‘Modi government has placed a condition for vaccinating people above the age of 45 years. In such a situation, how can Fadnavis’s nephew under 45 years get vaccinated? The life of the families of BJP leaders is important. Is the life of ordinary people nothing! ‘

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At the same time, Congress leader Srivatsa also tweeted a screenshot of the picture posted on the Instagram of former CM’s nephew Tanmay Fadnavis – ‘Dear Devendra Fadnavis ji, is your nephew Tanmay Fadnavis aged 45+? If not, how is he eligible to take the vaccine? Just like Remedesivir, are you storing vaccines and giving it to your family members? People are dying and there is a shortage of vaccines. But the Fadnavis family is safe.

What was the post of the nephew of Devendra Fadnavis?

He got vaccinated at the National Cancer Institute, Nagpur, says the Instagram post of former CM’s nephew Tanmay. In the screenshot tweeted by the Congress, Tanmay has written in his Instapost – ‘Got a second dose of vaccine. Stay at home stay safe. Now the post has been deleted.

Srivatsa said in another tweet- ‘Modiji, under which law are members of BJP leaders’ families under 45 years getting vaccinated? Tanmay Fadnavis has committed a crime and should be arrested immediately. Fraudster Fadnavis has been caught again. People of Maharashtra are watching what a traitor he is. At the same time, according to English magazine India Today, Tanmay’s father Abhijeet Fadnavis refused to comment on the whole matter.

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