Intimate pictures of BJP Yuva Morcha leader Vikas Dubey with model goes viral

An objectionable photo of Bharatiya Janata Party Yuva Morcha (BJYM) leader Vikas Dubey alias Deepu with a young woman has surfaced. Vikas is the regional president of BJYM’s Kanpur-Bundelkhand region. This photo is being told from two years ago. Then Vikas had gone on a tour in Kathmandu, Nepal and at a bar took some objectionable photos with a girl. The girl is said to be a call girl. Discussions started in the political corridor when these objectionable photos of Vikas Dubey with the girl surfaced on social media.

Photo of BJP leader Vikas Dubey with model in Nepal is going viral.

It is being told that along with Vikas Dubey, a tainted inspector who was posted in Kanpur, a friend of Vikas’s student politics and a junior officer in BJYMO and a well-known person named Panchu, who lives in Barra village, had gone to Kathmandu to indulge in debauchery. During the courtship with the call girl in the bar room, Panchu captured photos and videos of Vikas Dube and others. If these photos and videos become public, the politics of Vikas and his junior will end. Active office bearers of the party are well known of this, but no one has any evidence. Complaints were also made to senior party functionaries many times but due to lack of evidence, action was avoided.

Photo of BJP leader Vikas Dubey with model in Nepal is going viral.

The friendship of BJYM regional president Vikas Dubey, Narayan Singh Bhadauria and regional vice president Sandeep Thakur has been very popular. However, now all three have split. Recently, there was a police raid at Narayan’s birthday party. It is alleged that this raid was done at the behest of Sandeep. After this Narayan faction started exposing Sandeep. It was learned that with the help of threat to power, Sandeep got all the criminal cases against him finished. Even the history sheet was over. Now pictures of Sandeep Dubey have surfaced.

Vikas Dubey has command of 17 districts

17 districts come under the purview of Kanpur-Bundelkhand Regional President. The regional president is in charge of these districts. Despite all the allegations, BJP office-bearers made Vikas the regional president in July-2018. Many criminal cases have been registered against Vikas Dubey since his student life. First of all, in 1996, an FIR was registered against him in Govind Nagar police station under other sections including attempt to murder, Rasuka, Arms Act. After this, an FIR of attempt to murder was registered in Kidwai Nagar in 2009. When FIR was registered in more than a dozen serious sections, he resorted to politics to avoid police.

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