International Labour Day: May 1 is observed as International Workers’ Day, started in India after 34 years

International Labour Day: Today i.e. on May 1, Labour Day is being celebrated all over the world. Celebration of May Day and International Labour Day in India with celebration among the workers started after 34 years of the world. This day is a public holiday in many countries of the world and in many states of our country, in memory of the beginning of the movement for a system regarding the respect of workers, their working hours, wages etc. That movement dedicated to the workers is also known as the Chicago Movement.

Let us try to know what is the history and facts of International Labour Day.

136 years ago from today, there was no time limit for workers all over the world to work. There were no rules and regulations for them. Workers were made to work continuously for 15 hours or more. There was no arrangement regarding his holidays. Because of this, in the year 1886, on May 1, thousands of workers united in the city of Chicago, America, in a big demonstration. His demand was that the time of wages should be fixed at 8 hours. Apart from this, one day off should be given in a week.

The labour movement of Chicago brought color

Today, almost all over the world, there are 8 hours of work in a day legally for employees, laborers or workers. The biggest reason for this is considered to be the Chicago movement. The beginning of a holiday for one day in a week is also considered to be the result of this movement. Gradually, May 1 started celebrating as Labor Day or Workers Day all over the world. May 1 is celebrated as a national holiday in many countries of the world.

4 labourers sacrificed in the movement – 100 injured

The Chicago movement in America began to intensify and on May 4, 1886, the agitators threw a bomb targeting the local police. In retaliatory firing by the police, 4 laborers died. Along with this, about 100 laborers were injured by police bullets. Despite this, his movement continued. Three years later, at the International Socialist Conference held in Paris in 1889, it was decided to dedicate the day of May 1 to the memory of the sacrificed workers.

When did Labour Day start in India?

In India, the Labor Kisan Party of Hindustan started celebrating Labor Day on 1 May 1923 in Chennai (then Madras). Left and socialist parties were leading it then. The red flag was used for the first time on the same day as a symbol of workers’ solidarity and struggle. Since then this day is celebrated every year in India. On this day, especially, the voice is raised to raise the voice for the rights and rights of the workers and to stop their exploitation.

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