India’s first Sologamy, 24-year-old Kshama Bindu to marry herself, will go on honeymoon alone

India’s first Sologamy: A wedding is going to happen on June 11, which you have never seen because 24 years old Kshama Bindu is going to marry herself. Kshama Bindu, who lives in Vadodara, Gujarat, is going to marry herself according to Hindu customs. She told that I never wanted to get married, but I wanted to be a bride. So I have decided to marry myself.

Along with this, sorry point told that she is marrying herself on June 11, for which the place has also been booked. The special thing in this marriage is that she will do it with complete Hindu rituals, in which she will also apply vermilion along with the round. However, there will be neither a bridegroom nor a procession in this marriage. He told that this is going to be India’s first solo wedding or sologamy.

India’s first Sologamy

I will set an example of self-love
Sorry Bindu said that I checked if this type of marriage has ever happened before, but I could not find any. I am the first girl to do this. I think I will set an example of self-love in India. Along with this Kshama Bindu said that marriage to oneself is a commitment to be for oneself and unconditional love for oneself.

parents blessed for marriage
Kshama Bindu told that in her decision to marry herself, her parents have blessed her by agreeing. She told that I will get married in a temple in Gotri, after which I will go on honeymoon for two weeks.

What is Sologamy?
Sologamy or autogamy is called a person who marries himself. According to media reports, no data is kept on such marriages. At the same time, tracking such marriages is also very difficult. At the same time, such marriage is also not legally recognized.

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