India’s First Private Train Tejas Express Will Not Run from Now Onwards, Congress Attacked Govt!

The first corporate train Tejas Express was launched in India by the Prime Minister of the country, Narendra Modi. Which was run from Lucknow to New Delhi, the capital of Uttar Pradesh. Which is being operated by IRCTC.

People are avoiding traveling in this corporate train run by the government because of the expensive tickets.

It is being told that on Sunday morning about 400 passengers by Tejas from Lucknow Junction to New Delhi and about 250 passengers from New Delhi to Lucknow from Tejas had booked for the journey on Sunday morning. Most of the seats remained vacant of these bookings.

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According to the news, the railways were incurring an average loss of Rs 9 lakh on daily basis. The corporate train Tejas Express is going to be closed from 23 November and will be kept closed till further orders.

Actually, the government was hoping that during the festival season, passengers would travel by train only. But the result was exactly the opposite.

You should know that other trains running between Lucknow and Delhi are also not getting passengers at present. Many trains like Lucknow Mail Shatabdi are running almost empty.

Opposition leaders have begun to surround the Modi government over the decision to shut down the corporate train Tejas Express. In this episode, Congress leader Srinivas BV has targeted PM Modi.

He wrote on Twitter that “when policies start to be made in the interest of the corporate, not for the public”, then the destruction is sure…! Just think, how many times have you heard the news of public welfare trains being stopped due to this reason in 70 years?

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