Indian-American Neera Tanden appointed as senior adviser to President Joe Biden

Indian-American Neera Tanden has been appointed Senior Adviser to US President Joe Biden. Two months ago, she withdrew her position as director in the White House Office of Management and Budget due to strong objections from Republican lawmakers. On Monday, 50-year-old Tanden will take over as senior adviser in the White House.

US President Joe Biden has entrusted Neera Tanden with senior responsibility in his team as a senior adviser. President Biden has appreciated her experience, skills and ideas. He also said that he respects Neera Tanden very much and wants to include her in his administration. Now Neera Tandon has been given important responsibility in his team. Currently Neera Tanden is the CEO and President of the think tanker CAP (Center for American Progress).

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Tanden has been assigned two tasks — reviewing the US digital service and planning the contingency situation that may arise from the Supreme Court’s views. CAP founder John Podesta expressed joy on the occasion and said that the Biden administration will benefit from Neera’s intellectual understanding, perseverance and a good hold on political matters. He also said that Neera Tanden has done a lot of policy related work in the Biden administration itself.

Neera Tonden has been a Modi critic. Tanden has condemned Modi’s government for anti-democratic actions and creating a climate of violence against Muslims in India.

Let us tell you that Neera Tanden has been a close aide of former US Secretary of State and Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election. Neera also helped pass the Affordable Care Act in the Obama government.

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  1. An encouraging News from Biden administration…Let US Shine mOre with Neera Tandon
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