India TV’s Rajat Sharma trolled on Twitter for giving suggestion to farmers amid farm laws protest

Rajat Sharma, chairman and editor-in-chief of the news channel India TV, is once again on the target of social media users for one of his tweets, people are trolling and taunting him. Actually, India TV anchor Rajat Sharma is being trolled for advising farmers who are agitating against agricultural laws.

Rajat Sharma

In fact, Rajat Sharma on Tuesday (19 January) while advising protesting farmers, said that if amendments in the agricultural laws do not meet the expected results, then agitate. Sharma tweeted on the micro-blogging site, writing, “My advice to farmers – agitate if amendments in the agricultural do not meet the expectations.”

Actually, Sharma wrote an article on his website, which he shared in the tweet. According to an article by the editor of the Hindi news channel, “The anti-Modi front is using farmers to expand its agenda. Some of them have come to the fore and some are active from behind the scenes. They do not mean whether the farmers’ insistence on repealing the three agricultural laws is right or wrong. ”

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On this post of Rajat Sharma, users started trolling him on social media. One user wrote, “Sharma ji, when farmers do not want so much development, then why are they forcibly imposing laws.”

Another user wrote, “Rajat ji do you think that farmers take you even 1% seriously.

If you feel like, then I salute you.

Another user wrote, “My advice to you is to stop journalism and start flattery, you will be able to do better in it. The future is also safe and there will not be any stigma in the name of journalism. I hope you will reject this advice at all. “

Another user wrote, “My advice to @RajatSharmaLive: quit journalism and sell film tickets in black if you don’t like the business you may quit.

Another user wrote, “My advice to @RajatSharmaLive: Go to the railway track and lie down. If you get cut, do not lie next time.

Likewise, many users are giving their reactions to this post.

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