India TV owner Rajat Sharma faces flak for his tweet on ‘small castes’ remark

News channel India TV’s Chairman and Editor-in-Chief Rajat Sharma has once again come under the target of social media users for one of his tweets, people are trolling him fiercely. Actually, Rajat Sharma had used the word ‘small castes’ in one of his tweets, for which he is now being ridiculed.

Let us tell you that before the expansion of the Modi cabinet, India TV owner Rajat Sharma made several tweets one after the other on Tuesday. In a tweet, he wrote, “There will be many new faces in the new cabinet. Many old faces will be dropped. Many youths will be made ministers, some old leaders will be discharged. Overall, the average age of the cabinet will come down.”

Sharma further wrote in his tweet, “Many former Chief Ministers will be among those who will take oath as ministers on Wednesday evening. Doctors, Engineers and Technocrats will also be among those who become ministers tomorrow. Some retired IAS will also become ministers.”

After that Rajat Sharma wrote in another tweet, “Tomorrow Modi’s cabinet expansion will see more than 25 OBC, SC and ST faces. Leaders of 20 small castes will be given space. Many leaders of backward and deprived societies will become ministers.

After Rajat Sharma came under attack from social media users for using the word ‘choti choti jatiyan (small castes)’ in his tweet, people started slamming him.

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Taking a jibe at Rajat Sharma’s tweet, senior journalist Dilip Mandal wrote in his tweet, “A small caste, Rajat Sharma, the four largest castes of North India – Jatav, Yadav, Kurmi and Kushwaha does not have a single cabinet minister. Gujjars and Meenas are also big castes. By making them a minister of state, he is putting a rattle on their hands. Whereas your lower castes, with 3% of the population, occupy one-third posts in the cabinet.”

A user named Ujjwal Anand took a jibe at Rajat Sharma and wrote, “It is these who can identify the small caste even among the castes, they expose the smallest thinking of our society. How small is your thought.”

Another user wrote in his tweet, “No caste is small or big! In free India everyone has the right to live with dignity and freedom. Small is your thinking, make it big, life will become easier.

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