India TV and Baba Ramdev in trouble, Court case filed against Baba Ramdev and journalist for the Yoga act on elephant

A complaint has been filed in the Agra court against yoga guru Baba Ramdev in the case of practicing yoga on an elephant at Ramnareti Ashram in Mathura. Along with this, the manager of the ashram, the journalist of the news channel and the officer of the elephant conservation center have also been accused.

All have been charged under the Wildlife Act and Elephant Protection Section. The date of December 22 has been fixed for recording the statement said advocate Narendra Sharma.

Narendra Sharma said that Ramdev performed yoga on the elephant on October 14 at Ramanerthi. During this, he fell from the elephant. Narendra Sharma says that the elephant was in pain, so he hit Baba.

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The Elephant Conservation Center manager did not free the elephant. This news aired on the news channel. Therefore, all have been accused.

In this case, he had given Tahrir in police station New Agra. The police did not register a case. Even after meeting SP City, neither the case was registered nor investigated. Despite the matter being discussed, the police did not hear, so filed a complaint in the court. Narendra Sharma says that this development is promoting animal cruelty.

Yoga guru Baba Ramdev was recently teaching yoga to saints and mahatmas in an ashram in Mathura. At the same time, due to the movement of the elephant, his balance deteriorated and he fell down from the elephant. Although he did not get hurt in the incident and he immediately got up and stood up, but a video of 25 seconds of this whole incident has gone viral. On this video, social media users have given a lot of fun reactions.

You should know that on Monday, Yoga Guru Ramdev taught yoga to saints in the ashram of Karshani Guru Sharanananda Maharaj located at Mahavan Ramanarati. Guru Sharanand Maharaj also did yoga on stage. During this, Baba Ramdev did yoga postures on an elephant. This 22 seconds video of Baba Ramdev had gone viral, in which Baba is doing yoga posture sitting on the elephant.

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