“India losing its democracy” Nobel-laureate economist Amartya Sen’s big statement

Nobel laureate and world-renowned, well-known economist Amartya Sen has made a number of comments expressing concern over the current situation in India.

In which he has expressed concern over the demise of democracy and said that India’s democracy is going down.

Amartya Sen on NDTV

Talking to the news channel NDTV, economist Amartya Sen said – whether it was the tenure of Emperor Ashoka or the Mughal ruler Akbar, all have run their government in consultation. That is, there has been a tradition of running an inclusive government in India for centuries. But now all this is changing.

Commenting on the conditions made in the present government, Amartya Sen said that the democracy of India is now going down.

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Along with this, Amartya Sen made it clear that his concern about India’s democracy is as an Indian, he is purely an Indian, even though he teaches in US.

In fact, in the last few years, the Modi government has been accused of making all efforts to suppress democracy in India. Whether it is the teacher class, social workers or farmer-youth, everyone has repeatedly accused the Modi government that democracy is being suppressed.

Now such a comment by a world-renowned economist further reinforces such allegations.

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