India gives blow to Russia in Ukraine crisis, Voted against Putin’s demand in UN

India gives blow to Russia in Ukraine crisis: India has once again rejected Putin’s demand for a secret ballot, giving a setback to Russia in the Ukraine crisis case. In fact, a draft resolution was brought in the United Nations General Assembly against Russia for illegal occupation of four regions of Ukraine.

In this resolution, open voting was demanded to condemn Russia, but Putin was adamant on the demand for secret ballot for this, which India has rejected and voted against. Let us tell you that this draft proposal has been brought by Albania.

India gives blow to Russia in Ukraine crisis

Moscow’s demand for a secret ballot was rejected after 107 UN member states, including India, voted in favor of a record vote. While only 13 countries voted in favor of Russia’s call for a secret ballot, 39 did not. Russia and China were among the countries that did not vote.

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Russian representative raised questions on the President of the General Assembly
Russia’s Permanent Representative Vasily Nebenzia said the UN membership had become a witness to an outrageous fraud in which the President of the General Assembly unfortunately played a key role. We are not given a chance to present our side but many member states of the United Nations are being given the right to express their opinion freely.

Let us tell you that India stayed away from voting on the draft resolution tabled on behalf of Albania in the United Nations Security Council last month. The resolution condemned Russia’s illegal referendum and its occupation of Ukrainian territories. The resolution demanded that Russia immediately withdraw its military forces from Ukraine.

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