India embarrassed at UN; UN High Commission slammed Centre for treason charges against journalists and activists

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet has criticized the Centre’s action, accusing journalists and activists of treason in response to the farmers protests.

Michelle Bachelet on Friday criticized the crackdown against journalists covering news related to the farmers’ protests in India.

She also slammed the Indian authorities for their efforts to crackdown on freedom of expression on social media. “The farmer movement against the three agricultural laws has explained the importance of consultations with all stakeholders before framing the rules”, said Bachelet. She also expressed concern about the communication restrictions in Jammu and Kashmir.

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“Making allegations of treason against journalists and commentators covering the movement contrary to essential human rights principles and attempts to curb freedom of expression on social media are disturbing,” he said.

UN Human Rights Council

But the central government has told the United Nation Human Rights Council that it has shown great respect to farmers protesting against agricultural laws.

India claimed that it was in constant dialogue with the farmers and that the government had listened to the concerns of the farmers regarding the agricultural law.

The Indian High Commissioner claimed that the Government of India aims to double the income of farmers by 2024 and that the purpose of implementing the three agricultural laws is to help farmers find better prices for their produce and increase their income.

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