India dropped from the list of ‘free’ countries in Freedom House’s 2021 Democracy report

Freedom House’s 2021 Democracy report

There has been a lot of discussion in India about democracy and freedom of speech for some time. Opposition leaders and other people have been continuously alleging that the freedom of speech has been curbed in the last 7 years and democratic values ​​are not being followed. But now the Freedom House, a US organization has released a report, in which research has been done in many countries about political freedom and human rights. According to the report, India has changed from an independent country to a partially independent country, and under the leadership of the Modi government, the country is moving towards authoritarianism.

Human rights organizations are under increasing pressure
Freedom House has said in its report ‘Democracy under siege’ that since PM Narendra Modi came to power in 2014, there has been a decline in the freedom of citizens in India.

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It has been said in the report that this change in the situation of India is a part of the global change in democracy and authoritarianism. However, so far no response has been received from the Government of India regarding this report.

In this report of Freedom House, it has been said that after the year 2014, the pressure on human rights organizations in India has increased. Journalists and activists are being threatened. The report said that the attacks, especially against Muslims, are the cause of deteriorating political and civil liberties in the country.

‘Changes after 2014’
It has been told that from 2019 onwards, this falling ranking of India has seen a lot of momentum. The report said that in 2014, the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party of India won a major victory in the general elections, 5 years after this, Modi returned to power once again with more majority. The report further said that under the Modi government, India gave up working as a democratic leader globally. The task of elevating narrow Hindu nationalist interests was done at the cost of equal rights and inclusiveness for all.

The report also mentions the Citizenship Act, ie CAA. The report said that the action taken against those who opposed the Citizenship Amendment Act contributed to the decline in India’s rating. In this, the logic of the government and those opposing it is also told.

Migrant laborers troubled during lockdown also mentioned
The report also mentions the return of millions of migrants home after the lockdown. It has been said that in March last year, India announced a sudden lockdown, due to which lakhs of migrant laborers got trapped in the cities without money. Many people walked hundreds of miles on foot and many of them died due to accident or fatigue.

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