India condemns all violence in Israel, Gaza; supports ‘just Palestinian cause’

India has also reacted to the ongoing war between Palestine and Israel for the past several days. India has condemned the violence and appealed to both sides not to unilaterally change the status quo at the United Nations Security Council meeting. India’s permanent representative at the United Nations TS Tirumurti said that India strongly condemns the attacks carried out by rockets in the Gaza Strip. At the same time, it appeals to both the countries to reduce tension immediately and to move forward towards peace.

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India at UN

The United Nations Security Council held an open meeting on the ongoing situation in the Middle East on Sunday. Meanwhile, UN Secretary-General Antonio Gutarares described the tension between Israel and Gaza as ‘very serious’. India’s permanent representative at the United Nations, TS Tirumurti, said that the violence that began in East Jerusalem last week poses a threat to go out of control. He said, we urge both sides to exercise restraint, reduce tensions and avoid efforts to unilaterally change the existing status quo in East Jerusalem and its surroundings.

Participating in a virtual UNSC meeting on the situation, India’s permanent representative to the UN T S Tirumurti reiterated strong support for the “just Palestinian cause” and unwavering commitment to the two-state solution. “Immediate de-escalation is the need of the hour, so as to arrest any further slide towards the brink,” Tirumurti said.

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