Income Tax Department raids 15 locations of Zee Group, accused of stealing GST with fake bills

This morning, the teams of Income Tax Department started investigating in the offices of Zee Group of Mumbai. The Goods and Services Tax (GST) department had provided the necessary information for the raid to the Income Tax Department. It is being told that the Zee group has stolen GST. Seeing some strong evidence of this doubt, the Income Tax Department started preparing to secretly raid. People of Income Tax Department say that GST has been stolen on the basis of fake bills by Zee Group.

According to the news of Indian Express, the income tax department’s raid is continuing at 15 locations of Zee Entertainment Company. The department is describing this as search and survey. The Directorate General of GST Intelligence had given several figures of tax evasion to the Income Tax Department, after which this action was taken.

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Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Zee Entertainment says that officials of the tax department visited the office. He had some questions. The concerned officials of the company gave him all the necessary information. Full cooperation is being done with them.

It is being told that GST has been stolen extensively by Zee Group. The Income Tax Department has conducted a raid due to this apprehension. Sources in the Income Tax Department say that this group has done the work of stealing GST on the basis of fake bills. For this reason, the Zee group has been raided today.

Maharashtra Times has quoted news from sources that the Income Tax Department has raided the offices of Zee Group in Mumbai today. On the suspicion of tax evasion on this group, a probe has been started by the Income Tax Department at about 15 places related to Zee Group.

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