IMA secretary general Dr. Jayesh Lele lashes out at Ramdev for remarks against allopathy during a heated TV debate

During the live TV debate on Hindi news channel Aaj Tak, a heated debate was witnessed between Baba Ramdev and a senior Indian Medical Association (IMA) official. During the LIVE TV debate, the IMA official lashed out at Ramdev. Annoyed by some of Ramdev’s recent controversial comments, IMA Secretary General Dr. Jayesh M. Lele also questioned Aajtak during the TV debate for allowing the controversial religious leader to advertise his dubious product, Coronil. This video of the TV debate is now becoming very viral on social media.


During the debate, IMA Secretary General, Dr. Jayesh M. Lele suddenly lashed out at Baba Ramdev and said in the middle of the debate, “Shut up .. Chup .. Chup … Chup .. You keep Quiet … You keep Quiet.” Ramdev made several desperate attempts to interrupt Dr. Lele, but even then he faced public rebuke from the IMA Secretary General. Both Dr. Lele and Ramdev were participating in a TV debate on Aaj Tak TV channel, along with Rajan Sharma, former president of the Indian Medical Association.

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Sharma said to anchor Anjana Om Kashyap during the debate, “My objection is first of all that this news is sponsored by Coronil.” Patanjali’s corona kit is shown continuously on the screen. The anchor then asked IMA Secretary General Dr. Jayesh M. Lele whether allopathy doctors view Ayurvedic medicines with inferiority complex? In response, Dr. Jayesh said that Ramdev would be able to speak in a debate only if he kept quiet. The doctor began to say, “Why is coronil medicine being shown continuously in his photo frames? Eliminate this syrup of coronil, we are not doing any advertisement here.”

Dr. Lele also sought to highlight Ramdev’s hypocrisy, saying that he had changed his stand because the IMA had given him a legal notice to question allopathy medicine in the treatment of the corono virus. However, as he was speaking, Ramdev intervened. Enraged by Ramdev’s interruption, Dr. Lele reprimanded Ramdev by saying, “Shut up.” You keep quiet. Let others speak. First you shut up. “

Even TV anchor Anjana Om Kashyap asked Ramdev to remove the coronil product from the TV frame. The anchor told Ramdev, “Please remove this coronil and do not make this debate a platform for advertising your product.” Targeting Ramdev, Dr. Lele further said, “He (Ramdev) has changed his statement only after we gave him a legal notice and several FIRs were lodged against him at different places.” Only yesterday, Mr. Bansal, the head of your Patanjali dairy division, died from Corona. “

Ramdev had a heated argument with former IMA president Dr. Rajan Sharma during a TV debate show. During this time, Baba Ramdev said that even today allopathic has many such diseases which have no cure whereas Ayurveda has cures for diseases like BP, Sugar, Thyroid. Rajan Sharma told Ramdev that you go to level 3 and work in a dhoti kurta. In response, Baba Ramdev got angry and said that you do not talk about my kurta, diapers. Do not consider yourself as the supreme power.

Rajan Sharma said that we are serving people for 24-24 hours and you are making fun of doctors. During this, IMA General Secretary Dr. Jayesh M. Lele said that if your coronil was so meaningful then why did so many people die. Ramdev could only say that Dr. Lele had no right to threaten him. The IMA Secretary General said that Ramdev’s statements on the drug of allopathy have made India a laughingstock globally.

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