I’m not afraid of anyone: Karnataka HC Judge HP Sandesh threatened with transfer for reprimanding ACB officer in a corruption case

Justice HP Sandesh of the Karnataka High Court made a shocking revelation in the open court on Monday, Justice Sandesh said Justice Sandesh said in open court that he had learnt that a fellow judge informed him that he could be transferred, as the ADGP is not happy with the judge’s remarks. 

Justice Sandesh on transfer threat said, “I am ready for it, for the good of people. Your ACB ADGP seems to be a powerful person. Somebody has told this to my colleague. I have been informed about it by a judge. The threat of transfer will be recorded in the order.”

He further said, “I don’t fear anyone. I am ready to bell the cat. I have not accumulated property after becoming a judge. I don’t care if I lose the position. I am the son of a farmer. I am ready to till the land. I don’t belong to any political party. I don’t adhere to any political ideology.”

“Are you protecting the public or tainted persons? The black coat is not for the protection of the corrupt. Corruption has become a cancer and it should not reach the fourth stage. The officers are being extorted after threatening them with search warrants,” Justice Sandesh had said.

“What should be done when the fence eats up the crop? The service records of ACB ADGP have not been produced before the court. You have reached a stage of issuing threats to the judge. The whole state is mired in corruption. If Vitamin M (money) is there, you (ACB) will protect anyone,” he had said.

Karnataka HC Judge HP Sandesh threatened with transfer for reprimanding ACB officer in a corruption case

Last week, Deputy Tehsildar Mahesh was caught taking a bribe of Rs 5 lakh in the office of Deputy Commissioner of Bengaluru city J Manjunath. During interrogation, Mahesh said that “Hh has taken this bribe at the behest of J Manjunath”. But the name of J Manjunath was not there in the FIR which was registered. The same case was being heard in the court, under this hearing, the bench of Justice Sandesh reprimanded the officers and questioned that “why senior officers are being saved while the junior employees are being prosecuted. ACB is becoming a collection centre.”

IAS officer J Manjunath arrested

After this attitude of the High Court, IAS officer J Manjunath has been arrested on Monday itself, he has been accused of corruption while being the Deputy Commissioner in Bangalore city. He was arrested from his residence Yeshwantpur. Manjunath’s arrest has come on the basis of an ACB report, in which serious allegations of corruption have been made against an officer, in which Manjunath is also an accused in the same case.

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