IIT-Madras professor resigns alleging ‘multiple instances’ of caste-based discrimination

An assistant professor at IIT-Madras said on Thursday that he is leaving the institute and the main reason behind this is the caste discrimination faced by him in the institute.

The purported email sent by the assistant professor of the institute to the faculty members read, “One of the primary reasons behind leaving the institute is the caste discrimination faced by me in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, which was due to my appointment in March, 2019. Continuing from time to time.

However, IIT-Madras did not immediately respond when the institute was asked whether the assistant professor had formally resigned or had made this allegation in his ‘resignation’ letter to the institute.

The prestigious institute said in a statement, “There is no response from the institute on this email. Any complaint received from the employees or teachers is dealt with immediately through the due process of grievance redressal.

Here is his resignation letter:

Resignation letter

Speaking on the issue, National Commission for Scheduled Castes Chairman Vijay Sampla said, “So far we have not received any formal request from anyone, but we are looking into the matter. Steps will be taken soon to help the aggrieved professor.”

Over the years, IIT-Madras has been in the news for allegations of discriminatory treatment of such victims and poor grievance redressal. The suicide death of student Fatima Latif in 2019 brought to the fore the issue of caste-based discrimination in the institute.

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