“If you will come to ask for votes then…”: BJP MLA faces heat of Villagers in Uttarakhand

BJP MLA Deshraj Karnwal today faced tremendous public anger during his visit to his constituency area.

Journalist Rannvijay Singh has uploaded a video of Uttarakhand on Twitter in which there is a clear tussle between the villagers and the local BJP MLA Deshraj Karnwal.

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The villagers were so angry that they surrounded BJP MLA Deshraj Karnwal and said clearly, do not come to ask for votes next time.

If you come to ask for votes, the stick is kept in the gallery itself. The villagers trounced the MLA who had reached the round.

BJP MLA faces heat of Villagers

The case is of Bhagatowali village in Jhabrera area of ​​Roorkee, Uttarakhand. Local MLA Deshraj Karnwal was on a tour of the area and was taking stock of the development work.

During this time, the MLA got upset with some villagers and the argument got intensified. It is being said that some villagers used abusive words against the MLA in front of him and even threatened to beat him.

Very quickly, this video of tussle between MLA and villagers became viral on social media.

During the debate with the MLA, a villager said that next time do not come to ask for votes among us in the elections. If you come, the stick is kept ready in the gallery itself.

The anger of the villagers can be gauged from the fact that they threatened the MLA with lathi.

On this matter, the villagers clearly said that the MLA has nothing to do with the development of the area. The village has a long list of issues like drains cleaning and water logging. The MLA does not give any attention on these issues but today suddenly came to the village and started giving information about his development work.

The villagers said that in this terrible Pandemic, the MLA did not do any work to improve the medical infrastructure in the village. There is no facilities of any kind at the village health center.

There is neither doctor nor any employee is present at this health center during night time. The MLA will not be allowed to enter the village in the next election.

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