“If Hindus wake up, we will puII your beards and make a chotia”: BJP MLA Mayankeshwar Sharan Singh threatens Muslims

BJP MLA Mayankeshwar Sharan Singh threatens Muslims: Seeing themselves trailing in the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections, BJP and its leaders have started using provocative language against a particular community.

BJP leaders and MLAs are using communal language indiscriminately during the election campaign. BJP MLAs are spewing poison against Muslim community.

A video of sitting BJP MLA Mayankeshwar Sharan Singh from Amethi’s Tilai assembly seat is going viral on social media, in which he is seen giving a provocative speech.

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In the video, BJP MLA Mayankeshwar Sharan Singh, while addressing an election meeting, accused the Muslim community of inciting violence and talked about teaching them a lesson. Addressing the gathering, he said, “If Hindus wake up, we will puII your beards and make a chotia (Hindu symbol). If you [MusIims] want to live in India, you’ll have to say Radhe Radhe [Hindu religious chant] or else go to Pakistan.”

BJP MLA further said, “18% are Muslims in India and 82% are Hindus. These 18% are united, we 82% are not. Some are Yadavs, some are shepherds, some are Mauryas, some are Thakurs, some are Brahmins…This caste fraternity is for marriage. Not for politics.”

Earlier this week, BJP MLA, Raghvendra Singh from Domariyaganj in east UP’s Siddharthnagar was heard saying Muslims would switch from wearing skull caps to a ’tilak’ if he were re-elected.

Amethi district of UP was once considered a Congress stronghold. Now BJP dominates here. Union Minister Smriti Irani is an MP from Amethi, while the Tilai assembly seat here is occupied by the BJP. The sitting MLA Mayankeshwar Sharan Singh got more than 96 thousand votes in the last assembly elections. Then he had defeated Mohammad Saud of BSP by a margin of 44 thousand votes.

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