‘If being a Sanyasi, I can work for 18 hours, then…’: Baba Ramdev when asked about rising petrol prices

Yoga guru Baba Ramdev arrived in Karnal district of Haryana to attend a program. During this, Baba Ramdev took the side of the BJP and said that the government is increasing the tax on petrol and diesel to run the country. Ramdev said that if there is inflation, then people will have work harder to increase their earnings.

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When asked about his old statements that the prices of fuel would fall if the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) came to power. Ramdev said, “The government has to collect taxes to run the country. If, being a Sanyasi, I can work for 18 hours, then other people of the county can also work more to raise their income and fight inflation.”

Let us inform that before 2014, Baba Ramdev had said in my interviews that if the Narendra Modi-led government comes to power, the price of petrol will come down to Rs 35-40. But the reality is just opposite. Petrol and diesel prices today are sky touching high in the country.

As many people were anticipating, a few days after the end of the elections in 5 states, the prices of petrol and diesel started increasing. Within just 10 days, the price of petrol in the country has increased by Rs 6.40. In many places, the price of petrol has crossed 100.

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