‘If a girl asks for sex, then…’: Shaktiman actor Mukesh Khanna’s remark draws backlash on Internet

Actor Mukesh Khanna, who became famous with the serial ‘Shaktimaan’ of the TV world, is seen embroiled in controversies. He keeps his opinion by sharing videos on his YouTube channel. A part of the video of his YouTube channel is going viral on social media, hearing which the users got furious and slammed him fiercely. Mukesh Khanna is saying in this video that if a girl is asking a boy to have sex, then she is doing business. He said that people should not fall into such things.

Khanna said in the video going viral,  “Koi bhi ladki agar kisi ladke ko kahe ‘I want to have sex with you’, wo ladki, ladki nahi hai, wo dhanda kar rahi hai. Kyunki is tarah ki nirlaj baatein koi sabhya samaj ki ladki kabhi nahi karegi (girls who desire sex and ask for it are sex workers because a decent girl belonging to civilised society would never say such things)”

As soon as this video of Mukesh Khanna went viral, there was a flood of comments. People on the internet have taken offence to this particular comment. Netizens called out the actor for his views and called him “sexist”. One user wrote, ‘And didn’t say anything about boys.’ Another user said, ‘Ok cool, now make a video on boys of civil society.’ One user wrote in the comment, ‘Sorry Shaktimaan this time you are wrong.’

Even in the year 2020, Mukesh Khanna has been embroiled in controversies. During the MeToo movement, he had said that women have to face sexual abuse or any kind of exploitation when they go out for work. Even then he had to face backlash for this.

On the other hand, Mukesh Khanna has also announced to make a film on the popular TV serial Shaktimaan. Its teaser has also been released. However, information about who will play Shaktimaan and other characters in this has not been revealed.

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