‘I will cancel your license, H*r*m*zade’: BJP MP Maneka Gandhi threatens vets in viral audio

BJP MP Maneka Gandhi has once again come into the limelight. An audio of her abusing a veterinarian is going viral on social media. Although we do not confirm this audio, but there has been a lot of indecent behavior in the audio clip. In this clip, Maneka Gandhi can be heard abusing a veterinarian over the phone, and threatening to cancel his degree.

Let us tell you, after this audio went viral, the veterinary doctors are very angry. Veterinarians are demanding an apology from Maneka Gandhi. Hashtags are being run on Twitter in the name of boycottmenkagandhi menka Gandhi mafimange. Obviously this alleged audio case of Maneka Gandhi has gained a lot of momentum. And now the veterinarians are in the mood for agitation regarding this matter.

In the audio file that is going viral on social media, the alleged voice of Maneka Gandhi, can be heard using foul language with extremely rude mannerisms while speaking with a veterinarian doctor who had treated a dog. The dog allegedly could not recover well. Threatening to cancel his veterinary license, Gandhi called the doctor ‘Haramzaade’, “Harami’, ‘Haramkhor’ and ‘Chutiya.’

The whole matter of controversy and abuse is related to the treatment of a dog. According to the voice that is heard in the audio clip, BJP leader Maneka Gandhi is very angry over the dog not being treated properly, for this she abused a doctor and is threatening to suspend her. In the meantime, he did not even listen to a clarification from the doctor. On the contrary, he told them to treat the dog at his own expense.

At the same time, the Indian Veterinary Association has also written a letter to PM Modi regarding this matter. In which they have demanded action against Maneka Gandhi, BJP MP from Sultanpur in Uttar Pradesh. At the same time, the association also says that Maneka Gandhi often misbehaves with veterinarians over the phone and threatens them. In such a situation, the association has written a letter to PM Modi, demanding action from him in this matter.

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