‘I Love You’: Anjali Arora confesses her feelings for Munawar Faruqui in Kangana’s ‘Lock Upp’

Anjali Arora confesses her feelings for Munawar Faruqui: Anjali Arora and Munawwar Farooqui share a good bond in lock up. Those who watched the show till now saw friendship between them. But now their love has become evident. The latest promo of the show has been shared in which Anjali is seen expressing her love for the standup comedian. On the other hand, Munawar was also seen blushing after knowing Anjali’s feeling.

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In the promo, you can see that Munawar and Anjali are lying on their respective beds. Anjali asks Munawar if he will come to Delhi after the show to meet her. On this Munawar says- Why does he have to come to Delhi? Anjali again asks him- you are troubled.. Munavvar replies to this- ‘I am already upset with you’.

For some time, this cycle of fun and jokes continued between the two. After this came the moment for which the audience was waiting for a long time. In the video, Anjali is seen saying I love you to Munawar. After this Munwar gets happy. You can see this in the promo. Fans are very fond of Munawar and Anjali’s chemistry.

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