‘I live in Dubai, nobody asks us not to play music or anything during Ramzaan’: Sonu Nigam

Singer Sonu Nigam opposed the meat ban in Navratri, terming it as a stupid move. Sonu Nigam said that if Navratri is going on or if any festival of any religion is going on, then you cannot say that you should stop everything. Sonu Nigam gave the example of Dubai to emphasize in his point.

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In a conversation with Times Now, he said, “I live in Dubai. It is an Islamic country. What a wonderful country The law there does not force us not to play music or anything during Ramzaan. There is respect for religion but the people living there are not stopped. The same thing should apply in India.”

Termed the meat ban as a stupid step

“You will call it nonsense or absolute poppycock that if Navratri is going on, ban meat…they also have employment. They do not follow your religion let them eat. Their Ramadan is going on. They have to do iftari. Why would they eat green vegetables? Let them eat whatever they want in Iftari. I want to see this balance in our country. Whatever this is going on..Maybe it will calm down later, ” said Sonu Nigam who currently lives in Dubai.

On the other hand, Sonu Nigam supported the dress code on the question asked regarding the hijab issue. He said, “A sensible person knows that if you are going to a place, it will have a code of conduct. School, university, wherever it is necessary to maintain the uniform. Opinions may differ but it is not that I am against you.”

Ruling party should improve its style of conveying: Sonu Nigam

Sonu Nigam who first started the Azaan controversy in 2017 advised the governments to correct their way of conveying messages. He said, “There is a way of saying a thing. You know that whatever you do, the opposition will criticize you. Even if you do it right. But it should not appear anywhere that the ruling party is against any religion. It shouldn’t feel like that. No one should feel that what is being presented is against us. I think the style of conveying should be a little bit better.”

What did Sonu Nigam say on the loudspeaker statement?

He said on the loudspeaker controversy related to him, “Loudspeaker was banned in Saudi Arabia 3 years after I said this. People had linked my talk with religion. Now if I sing a song with a mic in my house, the problem is not with the song, the problem is with the loudspeaker. You cannot say that I am free and do anything.”

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