“I haven’t got any house”: Lakshmi Devi whose photograph was used on Modi govt ads to claim that she got house under “PM Awaas Yojana”

A few days ago, an advertisement of the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana was published in the newspapers of Bengal. The advertisement featured a picture of a woman with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. With which it was written that Atma-Nirbhar Bharat (self-reliant India), Atma-Nirbhar Bengal (self-reliant Bengal) and quoting the woman it was written “I got my own house”. But according to the News Laundry report, the woman whose picture was printed is named Lakshmi Devi and she lives in a rented house. In a conversation with News Laundry journalist, she has categorically denied any home. She says she didn’t get any house.

Laxmi Devi, originally from Chhapra district of Bihar, lives in the Bahu Bazaar of Kolkata. She says that she does not own land in the village nor do she owns land in Bengal. She lives here in a rented house. When she was asked about the photo, she said that I do not know anything about it. I live in a house for rent. When Lakshmi Devi came to know that her picture was printed in the newspapers, she felt why did the newspaper people have printed her picture? She reached the offices of many newspapers and started taking information about it. But later she came to know that this advertisement has been issued by the Government of India.

Lakshmi Devi didn’t know who took the picture

Lakshmi Devi says that the photo has been used in the advertisement without asking her. I don’t know who took my picture. One day when I woke up to sleep, everyone was saying that your picture has come in the newspapers. I do not know anything about this advertisement.

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It was written in the advertisement that “I got my house under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana. With the roof over the head, about 24 lakh families became Atma-Nirbhar (self-reliant). Come together and together make the dream of Atma-Nirbhar (self-reliant) India come true.”

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