“I Committed A Mistake”: After Sonali Guha, Sarala Murmu wants to rejoin TMC

Before the elections in West Bengal, there was a competition among TMC to join BJP. Now the scene has changed after the election result. The BJP is in a panic after the TMC’s landslide victory in the assembly elections. Earlier two newly elected BJP MLAs resigned, now the leaders and former MLAs who joined the BJP are seen to be returning to the TMC again. Sarala Murmu has expressed her desire to return to the party after former MLA Sonali Guha, who had left TMC and joined BJP, wrote a letter to Banerjee apologizing for leaving the party.

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Sarala Murmu had left the Trinamool Congress as she was not happy with the constituency she was given ticket for. Now she has expressed her desire to return to Trinamool. Terming her joining the BJP as a mistake, Murmu said she wants Mamata Banerjee to forgive her. She said that she wants to return to the team as a soldier.

“If she accepts me, I will stay with her and work for the party diligently,” Murmu told reporters at her Malda home.

Sarala Murmu was given a ticket from Habibpur in Malda but according to party sources she wanted to contest from Maldah region. She said, “I have made a mistake and I urge Didi to forgive me.” Earlier, former Trinamool Congress MLA Sonali Guha wrote a letter to Banerjee on Saturday apologizing for leaving the party.

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