‘I cannot be intimidated’: TIME magazine new cover features women leading India’s farmers’ protests

In the month of November last year, along with men, women also participated in the farmers’ movement that started against the agricultural laws. In order to tarnish the image of the farmers, sometimes they were called terrorists and sometimes they were called Khalistani.

Film actress Kangana Ranaut had described an elderly woman farmer protester ‘woman for sale’.

Now American news magazine Time has given a befitting reply to those who call farmers as terrorists and sellers.

TIME magazine new cover

According to the news, International magazine Time has given a place to women who join the farmers movement on its cover page.

It is being told that Time magazine has kept the title of its issue as ‘On the Frontline of India Farmer Protest’. In which a picture of a group of women protesting at the border of Delhi has been printed.

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The news item in the magazine about the peasant movement has been given the title “I cannot be intimidated nor bought: The women leading India’s farmers’ protests”.

The photo has been printed on the cover page of the magazine. In it, a girl is also seen standing with women and shouting slogans. It has also been shared by Time magazine on their official Twitter handle.

Let us tell you that during conversation with Time magazine, these women have said that their presence in the farmers movement is also very important. Some women say that they want their homegrown girls to also be a part of this movement. They grew up seeing this movement.

Not to forget that the female farmer protesters are being praised on social media for getting a place in Time magazine.

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