“I can file a defamation case…”: former Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah and CM Bommai engage in Twitter war

Hitting back at Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai’s allegation of killing Hindu activists during Siddaramaiah’s regime, senior Congress leader Siddaramaiah on Thursday said that he can file a defamation suit against the chief minister, but was just advising him to correct himself. Terming the BJP a “communal party”, the former chief minister accused Bommai of joining the BJP only to support power and anti-constitutional activities.

Siddaramaiah tweeted, “Mr. Basavaraj Bommai, like an ignorant, you have alleged that I got Hindus killed. Being the Chief Minister of Karnataka, you should have thought through before making such loose comments. I can file a defamation case for this but I will just advise you to correct yourself.”

Siddaramaiah targets Basavaraj Bommai
In another tweet, he said, “Mr Bommai, you have said that you need not learn administration or policing from me. Thank you. Had you learnt anything from your father Shri S R Bommai (former CM and Janata Parivar veteran) or me, you would not have joined a communal party just for power and support anti-constitutional activities.”

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Siddaramaiah was responding to a tweet by Bommai on Wednesday, targeting Siddaramaiah and his tenure as chief minister. Hitting out at Siddaramaiah, Bommai had said, “While you were the CM, you became the icon of anti Hindus by getting killed Hindu activists as Tippu Sultan did in his regime. I need not learn administration or policing from you, we have an able police force to tackle the law and order which was sitting Ducks under ur government.”

The twitter war between the two leaders had erupted late on Wednesday, after Siddaramaiah had hit out at Mr Bommai for his statement in Mangaluru that moral policing is “action and reaction” caused by “hurt sentiments”.

“Mr Bommai, you have accepted your incapability to maintain law and order by justifying moral policing by few anti-social elements. Please resign and save Karnataka!!” Siddaramaiah tweeted.

In today’s series of tweets, Siddaramaiah told Mr Bommai he may be emotionally bankrupt like anti-social elements and may continue to light communal fires for political gains,” but true Hindus are intelligent enough to see through your act of treason…”

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