I asked Modi Shah to not mess with Sikhs, they don’t forget insult for 300 years: Satya Pal Malik over farmers’ protest

Meghalaya Governor Satya Pal Malik has expressed concern about the people killed in the Kisan Andolan. The governor has said that even if a single farmer dies, it hurts. In a private event, the governor, who reached Jhunjhunun in Rajasthan, spoke to the media. Malik said that the long run of the farmers movement is not in anyone’s interest. He said that if the bitch dies, our leaders issue a message of condolence. Here 250 farmers died, no one even said. It hurts me.

He went on to say, “If the Central Government feels that I am doing them harm, then I will leave the post of Governor immediately.” After I step down from the post of Governor, I will keep my point open. ” He said that the central government should talk to the farmers immediately. This will also benefit the government and the party will also benefit. Holding the issue of farmers for a long time will cause a lot of damage.

Satya Pal Malik, who has been vocal in the BJP about the peasant movement, said, “I think my statements will benefit the party instead of loss, because it will make the farmers feel that someone in the government is talking about them. I have talked to PM Modi and the Home Minister about this, the government should talk to the farmers. He said that what I have said, it is right that it is going to be useful for our party and our government. Satyapal said, “BJP will have to mess with farmers … it will cost dear in elections. The Sikhs never forget their insult for 300-400 years.”

We gave the whole term to our opponents because of our not speaking, they are roaming, they are speaking the same. He said that this matter can be resolved at the earliest by negotiation between the farmers and the government. He further said that both sides have become wise about this. There is a very short distance. So it is not difficult to solve it.”

Satya Pal Malik

He told, “I met a big journalist yesterday, who is a good friend of the Prime Minister. I told him that I have tried, but now you explain to him this is the wrong way. Pressing and humiliating the farmers, sending them from Delhi, first they will not go, they have not come to go, second they will not forget 300 years. So give them something. “

Earlier in a meeting, he said, “Even when an animal dies, condolences are expressed, but here 250 farmers are dead, for which no one has expressed any sympathy so far.” He said that “If the Kisan agitation continues like this, the BJP will suffer big losses in western UP, Haryana and Rajasthan”.

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Malik said that the situation is such that BJP leaders are not able to go out of their village on this issue. Because they are being opposed. Jat leader Satya Pal Malik of western Uttar Pradesh has also given such statements on the issue of farmers earlier. He has been unhappy with the attitude of the government since the beginning of the peasant movement.

He said that farmers cannot be insulted. He has advised the Central Government that farmers cannot be insulted nor can they be forced to step back. It was suggested that the government should talk to the farmers to resolve the current crisis.

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