‘I am HONOURED’: Prakash Raj hits back at troll who called him ‘male version of Swara Bhasker’

Actor Prakash Raj is known for his strong acting, while on the other hand he is also in news for his impeccable style. Prakash Raj often asks questions frankly on social media and often keeps his opinion openly. Sometimes he is trolled for this and sometimes he gets a lot of applause. In such a situation, recently a troll called him the male version of Swara Bhaskar, to which the actor gave a strong answer.

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Actually, this whole matter starts with the quote retweet of Prakash Raj, where he tweets for the support of Shahrukh Khan and his family. A social media user shared a video of Shahrukh, in which King Khan is seen dancing with a physically abled woman and enjoying with her. The video was posted with the caption, “How could they put him and his family go through such harassment and trauma when he has been for decades giving the country love and joy!”

Prakash Raj retweeted this video quote along with the hashtag ‘just asking’. On this quote retweet of the actor, a troll replied, “prakacha has tweeted, whether it is visible to you or not that tweet is not worth of a cent also, he is the male version of @ReallySwara.”

At the same time, Prakash Raj also gave a befitting reply to the troll and wrote, “I am HONOURED to be called as the male version of @ReallySwara …who’s version are you… just asking.” On the other hand, Swara also reacted to this comment of Prakash and wrote, “Sir, sir sir… you are the best version ever…”.

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