‘I am better than Tom Cruise’: Kangana Ranaut, gets heavily trolled

Kangana Ranaut, along with being active on social media and social issues, also knows very well how to make headlines. Now Kangana does all this deliberately or she is like this, no one knows but due to her words and antics she always remains in the discussion. Now due to one of her tweets, Kangana is once again on the trolls’ target.

Kangana Ranaut

Kangana in a tweet described herself better than Hollywood actor Tom Cruise in terms of action. Along with this, she has tried to tease opponents. Social media users have been trolling Kangana fiercely since this comparison with Tom Cruise.

Kangana has described herself as better than Tom, citing a statement from Nick Powell, Hollywood’s action director for popular films like ‘The Gladiator’ and ‘The Last Samurai’, in which Powell praised Kangana for the action scenes in the Manikarnika film Had.

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Kangana wrote that Libruz are very upset. The famous action director from Hollywood has said that I am better than Tom Cruise in terms of action. Ha ha ha… Poor Libruz keep yearning. After this tweet, seeing the response that is coming about Kangana, you will die laughing.

A user wrote tightly on Kangana with this meme that if any topic is being discussed in the world, then the reaction of Kangana is something similar.

One user shared a short clip of Manikarnika’s making and wrote in a satirical tone that there is a Kangana Ranaut equivalent to 1000 Tom Cruise.

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