Husband killed BJP leader Shweta Singh Gaur to hide International Sex Racket, alleges family

New revelations are being made daily in the suspected death case of Shweta Singh Gaur, District Panchayat member of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Banda, Uttar Pradesh. In the latest revelations, the strings of accused Deepak Gaur are seen to be connected with the international sex racket, in which he was dealing with Russian, Moroccan and African girls.

Some audio of him has come out through the family, in which he is bargaining for Russian girls. Shweta’s family members have shared all these audio/videos with the media and these evidences are being held responsible for her death.

BJP leader Shweta Singh Gaur

According to the information, the Shweta death case still remains a mystery for the police, the investigation is going on at many points. Several teams of police are engaged in the investigation. Deepak has been arrested in the case but other accused including retired DIG father-in-law are still absconding, but in the meantime many shocking revelations are being made.

BJP’s Zilla Panchayat member Shweta Singh Gaur was so upset with her husband Deepak’s debauchery and exploitation that she was haunted by the fear of her murder for many days. Because of this, she started recording every atrocity that happened to her as evidence. It is being claimed that all this evidence eventually became the reason for her death.

BJP leader Shweta Singh Gaur

Shweta had gathered evidence of her husband Deepak’s bargaining for Russian girls, which she had handed over to her family members before her death. Shweta’s brother Rituraj Singh, while sharing this evidence with the media, told that Deepak Jija is very nosy and drunken nature, he killed Shweta only to hide that he invited Russian girls.

An audio has gone viral, in which Deepak purportedly tells a broker supplying Russian girls, “I have come from Banda, Sunil Singh Gautam has given your number. Had to make arrangements. Will you send me to the hotel or I will have to come. Russian or African? Send the girl’s photo and rate, then we will select.”

BJP leader Shweta Singh Gaur

In the second audio, Deepak purportedly says, “I will pay cash”, then from there the broker says, “the girl is standing across the road, you pay online.” In another conversation, Deepak says, “Send a Russian girl or make two girls for 20 thousand rupees, one Russian and one Indian.” Then a deal is settled for a Russian and a Moroccan girl for 23 thousand rupees.

In the third audio, Deepak purportedly asks, “Is there a Russian girl?” From the other side, the broker says, “It is Moroccan not Russian.” Then Deepak says, “We are four people, arrange one Indian too.” On this, both of them negotiate for a long time.

In the conversation, Deepak shares his location and says, “We are staying at MJ International Hotel in Naka Hindola area of ​​Lucknow, send both the girls there.”

At the same time, in this case, the police has already said that many videos related to the case are going viral, which are being brought under investigation. SP Abhinandan said, “We have also received many videos and we are investigating all, on getting evidence, we will take action against all concerned. Simultaneously, the search for the rest of the accused is on.”

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