Huge solar storm moving towards Earth, threat of blackout, GPS, satellites will stop!

There is a possibility of a solar storm hitting the earth today. It is believed that it can directly affect the Earth. After coming out of the sun, a huge solar flame is moving towards the earth. This is soon to hit the earth. This can cause a powerful solar storm. Where radio is likely to cause blackouts. It is expected that this may also cause obstruction in GPS navigation, mobile phone signal and satellite signal. The National Marine and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has warned of a possible radio blackout as a result of the solar storm for today.

NOAA released alert
The National Marine and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has issued an alert about it. This solar flare was exploded from the surface of the sun on 14 July and is moving towards the Earth. Earlier this month, a geopolitical storm collided with the Earth, which was seen as a bright Arora (a bright light) over Canada. Although there was no harm due to geopolitic storms, it was feared that more powerful storms could come in the future.

Regarding this, the space weather physicist Dr. Tamitha Skov said that a solar flare like snake size from the sun will hit the earth. This can affect many satellites. It is believed that this may also disrupt the work of GPS, TV communication and radio.

Airlines can also be affected
According to Dr. Skov, more radio blackouts are expected to affect radio operations on Earth during the day. Therefore GPS users have appealed to be vigilant in the morning and evening. The solar storm can lead to blackouts of GPS navigation system on Earth. This can disrupt the journey of small aircraft as well as large ships.

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